Joelle Knox


Also Known As Kit Rocha

When not writing sexy small-town new adult romance, Joelle Knox dons her leather jacket and brass knuckles and turns into Kit Rocha, author of the intensely erotic Beyond series. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the Beyond books have been described as Mad Max meets Hunger Games meets Fifty Shades of Grey. If you can’t envision that, well…try the first one for free!

Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha
Book #1 in the bestselling Beyond series.

All Noelle Cunningham has ever wanted is a life beyond–beyond the walls of Eden, where only the righteous are allowed to remain, and beyond her stiflingly restrictive existence as a councilman’s daughter. But only ruins lie outside the City, remnants of a society destroyed by solar storms decades earlier.

The sectors surrounding Eden house the corrupt, the criminal–men like Jasper McCray, bootlegger and cage fighter. Jas clawed his way up from nothing to stand at the right hand of Sector Four’s ruthless leader, and he’ll defend the O’Kane gang with his life. But no fight ever prepared him for the exiled City girl who falls at his feet.

Her innocence is undeniable, but so is their intense sexual attraction, and soon they’re crossing every boundary Noelle barely knew she had. But if she wants to belong to Jas, first she’ll have to open herself to a world where passion is power, and freedom is found in submission.

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